Innovative technology was implemented into ski jacket from Swiss company Kjus. The product produced by leading sports apparel brand offers improved comfort of usage during winter sports training.


Presented by the company technology Hydro_Bot effectively pumps out sweat and ensures a warm and dryer environment under the cloth. The whole process is based on the electro-osmotic technology which overcomes sweat detaining issue. Hydro_Bot in two panels was incorporated in the areas most prone to sweat. One panel consists of three layers: a membrane with pores and others conductive material layers. When a minimal electrical pulse is applied, the pores are getting smaller and pump out the sweat from inside of the jacket. The electro-osmotic process is fast, effective and what is more, is simple to operate. The jacket can be switch on and off thanks to the integrated control unit or just by Bluetooth and smartphone app.


The majority of the ski jackets used to conduct the humidity in a slower and less effective way. It could be especially unpleasant in the lower temperature days when the breathability of the clothes is noticeably limited. The Hydro_Bot jacket is 10 times more effective than typical ski jacket and ensures better performance even in the freezing temperatures.

The app with sweat measuring option can also inform and recommend us some valuable suggestions. Mainly about the ways we can regulate our body temperature according to controlled sweat level. This could help minimize the sweating process and stay dryer for longer.

Hydro_Bot was patented by Swiss technology company Osmotex. The project was developed for last 10 years in cooperation with  EMPA (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) and fabric developer Schoeller. The usage of Hydro_Bot in the ski jacket was the first application of the technology in garment.



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