Sports shoes are the first commercial product implementing modern technology of graphene.

Innovative usage of graphene, which stands out with the most desirable properties for material, is undoubtedly groundbreaking. Reason for that is, that not only will the super – resilient sneakers be available for consumers from the outside of the scientific world. It will also be the first commercial product that proves, the “ideal material” is becoming an essential component of commercial production.

Amazing properties

Graphene is an amazing material, with incredible properties. Many tests proved its remarkable sturdiness and impressive conductive abilities, that left the scientists stunned. The further the research goes, the more abilities are being discovered. Introduction of graphene to the production of a variety of products was just a matter of time. One of those products are sneakers. Those shoes, thanks to the presence of graphene, have their elasticity and toughness improved like never before. Graphene, which is 200 times more sturdy than steel, was implemented into the sole of shoes in particle sized bits, by the means of heating the material. The result of the implementation was an increase in strength, stretch, and toughness of a sole to up to 50%, in comparison to ordinary, rubber only sole.

First commercial use of graphene in the shape of a sports footwear seems to be an excellent idea. Taking under consideration a low weight, stretching ability and high resilience, which makes the material unique, it is impossible to omit potential use in other products. Graphene surely is a point of interest for creators of wearables and other wear-related accessories. Graphene, it seems, can be used in every branch of industry, even in medicine.


Amongst such a variety of possibilities, an introduction of graphene, as a part of sports footwear production may not seem like a groundbreaking moment in the scientific world. However, it is the first commercially manufactured and easily accessible product with graphene as its component.


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