The HeiQ Swiss textile innovator (more about their last activity here started cooperation with the BUFF leading company in the production of sport accessories – scarves, chimneys and hats. They join forces to improve the modern CoolNet UV + fabric.

Innovative accessories for the needs of active people

BUFF has been operating on the international market for about 25 years. The company’s products are very popular among sportsmen and travelers because they are light, comfortable and, above all, multifunctional. Which often turns out to be invaluable during unpredictable weather conditions. The Spanish company was founded specifically to – as the president claims – create products that will effectively warm the neck during fast riding on a motorcycle 😊 Until today, BUFF continues the long-standing heritage of very high quality and reliability of its products. It seems, therefore, that technological innovations could not have bypassed these products.

Innovative technology

CoolNet UV + fabric has been developed to provide customers with 100% protection against dangerous ultraviolet rays. In addition to UV protection, the material also provides cooling effects that increase the comfort of use on sunny days.

CoolNet UV + has been refined for many years. Today, the fabric is a modified, active polyester microfiber. The material has the technology of cooling Smart Temp created by HeiQ Labs. Sun protection is at the level of 50+, and products made of this material are 100% seamless, to perfectly fit the user.

Technological cooperation opens up new opportunities

We are excited about the possibility of cooperation with HeiQ on our CoolNet UV + which has been improved for many years. Thanks to this, we will start creating even better products that meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers – says Marc Fito, Innovation Manager ar BUFF.

HeiQ Smart Temp is a smart thermoregulation technology. Cooling is activated by the increase in body temperature and turned off after its decline. HeiQ Smart Temp provides the user with a very high comfort of use, a sense of dryness and pleasant coolness even in the most demanding circumstances – adds Christian von Uthmann, HeiQ Sales Director

HeiQ and BUFF have a common vision of improving traditional fabrics with modern and innovative solutions, in order to increase the quality of products offered and the comfort of their use. This is probably not the only fruitful collaboration that sprouted under the patronage of the HeiQ Labs initiative. We will try to inform you about the next ones on a regular basis.


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