One of the main reasons that many cyclists give for not wearing a helmet is the fact that helmets take up so much room when they’re being carried in a bag. As a result, we’ve seen a number of companies developing folding helmets. One of the latest, UK-based Headkayse, claims that its helmet not only folds down small, but that it’s also more comfortable and perhaps even safer than a regular helmet.

bicycle helmet

To fold up the Headkayse helmet, users release a Velcro closure in the back, pull out the helmet’s “tail,” then push its two segmented side sections into the middle. This causes it to flatten by 70 percent (and decrease in volume by 50 percent), down to a width of 5 cm (2 in).
Additionally, instead of being constructed from the usual expanded polystyrene (EPS), it’s made from a proprietary foam known as – well, known as Headkayse.

bicycle helmet

According to the designers, the material will compress to absorb shocks instead of breaking like EPS. This means that unlike an EPS helmet, a Headkayse doesn’t have to be replaced every time it receives a hard knock. It’s also better able to soak up smaller hits, plus its 3-mm polymer outer surface is more abrasion-resistant.

Additionally, because the Headkayse foam is so flexible, the helmet is said to easily comply to different head shapes and sizes.

Should you be interested in getting one of your own, the Headkayse is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. A pledge of £55 (about US$84) will get you one, if all goes according to plan. The planned retail price is £89 ($136).

More information in the video below.


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