Aura Powered Clothing is a suit containing electrical muscles. They help the elderly or sick in everyday activities such as walking, getting up and sitting down. And also climbing stairs and keeping balance.

Activisation of elderly people

The suit was designed in cooperation with the company Superflex, which specializes in robotics. It is currently targeted at the aging population, but its features are universal. Aura is supposed to give support in active life and increase human mobility. The mission of this solution is to extend the period of elderly and ill people in which they can remain active and thus independent in life.

Imaginative execution

Clothing is made of a light elastic fabric which will make it a comfortable underwear. In strategic places on the body, the suit has fixed hexagonal capsules with engines. These electric muscles are on the torso, hips and back. They have attached sensors that, thanks to artificial intelligence, detect the natural movements of the body and react in adding much needed support to the muscles.

When we talk about designing solutions to an aging population, the standard approach is to provide help in housework, support social welfare, adapt to the lack of mobility. This leads to even more static life – says Yves Behar, the inventor of the solution.

And what would happen if the technology made it possible to maintain fitness and physical mobility? This will also have a positive effect on other areas of life: social and emotional. Superflex solves the answer to this question. The concept of muscle-strengthening clothes allows us to maintain our physical performance so that we can live actively despite our advanced age.

Hospital bed aesthetics

The motors and sensors are anatomically adapted to the muscular system of the user. The V-shaped band in the soft parts of the fabric tensions around certain points of the body to strengthen the support of the loin. The design uses a light and flexible material that works effectively as a second layer of supporting skin. It is also worth noting that the suit is unique in an aesthetic approach – although it is addressed to the elderly, it is based on a modern design, fabrics and colors. Choosing the colors and materials, the creators wanted to avoid the clinical appearance and the “aesthetics of the hospital bed”.

The design of the suit aims to encourage older people to maintain physical activity and further involvement in everyday life.

The creators comment on this – Aesthetics used for products for  elderly people is often stigmatizing. Gray, boring, ugly. It strengthens the marginalization of these people. We want to provide a solution that suits our time: comfortable, stylish and modern.



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