Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a company that specialises in fiber-based materials. In recent years it has focused especially on sustainable materials made of local sources of wood fibres.

Sustainable dress

This time the material produced by the company was presented in very special circumstances. On the 10th of December in Stockholm during Nobel Banquet the master of ceremony Andrea Montano Montes wore a dress made thanks cross-industry collaboration. ENTIS (Establishing locally grown textiles in Sweden) is a project which tries to establish suitable conditions for textile industry through a series of innovative solutions.

dress nobel

According to the company wood fibres already exist and are being used but recycling is not always an option. Because of this, it was necessary to think over plans of the production. The new material allows for usage in the textile industry, interior design as well as in the furniture industry. The project was launched thanks to the cooperation of Swedish companies from the paper and textile industry. Responsible for the production was Svenskt Konstsilke.

Sustainability aspect

Ahlstrom-Munksjö as a global leader in fibre-based materials focuses especially on the sustainability aspect and tries to introduce its principles in operations of the company. This issue is also important and becomes even more relevant in the fashion industry and interior design. Those industries face off against challenges related to material production for a growing number of customers and dealing with the reduction of the influence put on the environment. Undoubtedly it requires a lot of focus on innovative solutions and whole circulation of the process actions. Moreover, it was necessary to cooperate with other branches of the industry to build the future in which sustainability plays a bigger and more important role.

The material used for the dress production was the same raw material as the one used in electrotechnical insulation papers. The project brings hope for the further interesting researches and is a chance for a new development possibility. As we can already see it is possible to use this material in apparel production. The next goal for Ahlstrom-Munksjö is an introduction of this material to the furniture and interior design industry.


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