With you in mind, we attend the next edition of the largest international trade fair devoted to technical textiles and nonwovens. Especially for this event, we have prepared a limited edition Tetex magazine, dedicated solely to Techtextil.

This year’s edition of the Fair is entitled “Space for Innovation.” For this reason, we have started collaboration with Continental, Boeing, Lenzig to be able to offer you first-hand information. More details inside the magazine.

The new year has come! We cannot wait to see what it will bring and what novelties the ever-growing World of Technical Textiles will present. Each year, new discoveries and inventions take our breaths away! We do hope that 2019 will also be full of products that will help us and our planet function more smoothly.

It is also a year of various fascinating events, led by the soon approaching Techtextil Frankfurt, which we will gladly attend in May! It is a real piece of excitement and new contacts. The winter issue of Tetex Magazine contains a lot of interesting news about upcoming events.

It’s getting colder and colder? Textiles will help you through the autumn-winter season. This time Tetex was featured at Central Europe’s largest textile fair – Fast Textile, a great event to remember!

In this edition we will present you with our 6 top winter gadgets, and will tell you all about textiles which help you stay fit as a fiddle. Our calendar will help you keep up with the latest events. Sit down over a cup of hot tea and enjoy Tetex!

Tetex Magazine SUMMER 2018 - European technical textiles magazine

Are you feeling hot too? This is probably because this time we present to you the summer edition of the Tetex magazine! Inside you can find TOP 10 products for the summer and an updated calendar of textile fairs in Europe.

While creating this edition of the magazine, we focused on lightness. We collected light, pleasant to read, and at the same time interesting articles, perfect to make summer textile enthusiasts enjoy their summer evenings. Can plastic be suitable for the production of clothes? What are the properties of biosynthetics? Or maybe … winter in the summer Enjoy your reading!

Tetex Magazine SPRING 2018

The spring is coming to town and we are more than excited, because it resulted in the next edition of Tetex Magazine! This issue is dedicated to Techtextil Moscow 2018 and Textile Russian Week, which we have managed to become Media Partner for. This huge event in the biggest of its kind in whole Eurasia. We hope to see you there!

Have you ever wondered if basalt can be turned into fibre? How is the market changing through the years? How can Kirigami art help in medicine? What are the upcoming events for this year? Enjoy your reading!

Tetex Magazine - European technical textiles magazine

This winter we present you the summary of the year 2017. Last year was rich in innovations and was very productive. We are so pleased to see how fast textile industry is going forward and we would like to share the most interesting developments with you.

What were the most innovative developments of 2017? How is the smart textiles field changing? What can you do with graphene? Is there any connection between bacteria, fabrics and energy? Enjoy your reading!

Technological development which we have witnessed over the last decade has exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations. Virtually every day brings us new technologies, ideas and innovative projects. This phenomenon also concerns the world of textiles. In this issue of Tetex Magazine we are taking a closer look at intelligent textiles.

What possibilities do they exactly offer? Where can they be applied and what branches of industry can they help develop? These are the questions we will be trying to answer here. We will also be checking what is new in the branch of biomedical textiles and how technology can positively affect the environment. Enjoy your reading!

Tetex Magazine -Summer 2017- Full summery of Techtextil and Texprocess!

Every other year the entire technical textile industry has the opportunity to get together at Europe’s largest event of its kind dedicated exclusively to this branch. Techtextil and Texprocess have by now become a fixed part of our agenda and this year’s edition proved to be one of the largest in the history of those two events.

This issue is dedicated entirely to the summary of the Fair in Frankfurt on Main; here you will find all about the statistics and the winners of prestigious contests as well as reports on the most important events surrounding the fair. Four days of the fair in a nutshell!

Once again we meet at the most important event of the textile industry in Europe. Techtextil is always an opportunity to sum up the actions undertaken over the past two years, to plan new ones as well as to make prominent contacts. In this issue of Tetex Magazine we present the latest materials, technology and production processes. We wish you all a very productive, stimulating, and enjoyable time at Techtextil 2017!

Winter is a magical time, not only because of Christmas – also considering the new opportunities is opens in front of us. If this season your plan is to discover new places and try new activities, you must take a look at the winter edition of the Tetex Magazine.

Our goal this season is to present some products that not only make your daily winter functioning easier, but also take care of your safety (both on mountain trails and urban roads).

This Tetex Magazine is at the same time Fair Guide for 3rd Trade Fair of Technical Textiles.

In addition to practical informations for Trade Fair guests you can only find there some technical articles and interviews with companies that are leaders in their branch.

We present the summer issue of Tetex Magazine in a shorter (but just as beautifully formed) version. In fact, this version is even better than ever! – we’ve chosen the most innovative products and projects for you to check out this summer.

We also tell you a little bit about campervans and show you how to surf in the city center.

tetex magazine spring 2016

The spring issue of Tetex Magazine is dedicated to our gardens and cultivation. It doesn’t matter if you are either an amateur or professional gardener – in this edition you’ll find something for you.

We compared agrotextile, tunnel constructions and ways of reinforcing PVC materials. We tested some gadgets for your pets and, as always, we prepared recent news from technical textile industry.

Quarterly technical textiles magazine Winter 2016

This issue of our magazine is dedicated to wintertime. We compared different kinds of skiing jacket, present you extreme sports that you can play during winter and suggest what gadgets you should buy to survive till spring. We added also a few worlds about nanotechnology and took you for a journey to Quarry Bank in England.

okładka tetex magazyn jesień 2015

In this issue we focus on environmental problems. We present you eco-fabric made in slaughterhouse, futuristic seaweed’s farms and innovative ways to clean oceans. We also take you to Expo Trade 2015 in Milan and to Eden – one of a kind giant biosystem.

Quarterly technical textiles magazine summer 2015

This issue of Tetex Magazine gathers informations about awnings. We help you to choose, instal and preserve awning to your garden. Also you can find some informations about innovative textiles, best products for summer and oryginal idea for starting your own business.