Winter is a tough season for drivers. It’s cold, dark outside and roads are very slippery. Usually it appears unexpected, lasts very long time (considerating our climate zone) and annually surprises drives all over the country. Not to forget about snow and frost that make you want to stay in bed whole day. The situation is even worse for truck drivers. Snow and ice falling from the top of tarpaulins are serious danger for your health and may even be life-threatening. Additionally, you may get quite expensive fine for not cleaning up the roof of your truck – in Poland that fine is 500 polish złoty, which is about 120 euro. This is why TRP system has been developed – to protect you and your semi-trailer from snow, cold and wasting money on police tickets.

How does it work?
TRP system expands tarpaulin a little bit, which prevents water from collecting on it and freezing. Until now, drivers had to do this job on their own, using brushes or anything long enough to reach to the roof. It is considered as a work at heights in very unpleasant conditions. Drivers also had to wake up much earlier to get their vehicles ready to the job. The tarpaulin gets expanded by vehicle air supply system. It helps keeping your health and safety while on the road.

Tarpaulin is expanded by vehicle air supply system. It helps in keeping safety while getting rid of the stagnant ice and snow, which weight may even reach up to over a dozen kilograms. Well, but what to do in situation, when roof has to be open for unloading? All you have to do is let off the air and roof gets back its full functionality. All bases on pumped air sleeve located straight under the centre of tarpaulin. After loading it with air, it takes on a sloping shape – this prevents water from collecting and later on freezing. Moreover, it’s so much easier to brush off the snow from sloping roof – a few vigorous moves on the parking lot and you should be done. The idea is easy and its price is also very attractive.

The system is very easy in installation and using. Here, in the film below, you can find it very well presented:


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