It is generally known to most of the people that silk is collected from silk worms and these worms produce the worlds natural finest and lustrous strands. But silk worms are not the one and only source for silk – there is other source in the nature from which the silk can be obtained.

The silk is protein based animal fiber which is collected from the silk cocoons after breeding the larvae for adequate amount of time. This silk and the processes were already known a long time ago in the ancient China, but at the same time, presently the spiders from a definite species are also capable of producing the silk in their silk glands. Basically, most of the spiders are capable to do that, but specially the Golden Orb female spiders have ability to produce golden silk.

Golden Orb spider
Golden Orb spider

The fibers or filaments have to be able to maintain some properties like strength or elasticity if they wanted to be used as an industry material. When it comes to worm silk, the properties are well known in the industry and it is famous for its luster specially. But the properties of the spider silk could be also a great example. This silk provides a better elasticity than other natural fibers. It can be stretched up even to 40% of its original length! Considering the tensile strength, the spider silk strings are much more stronger than steel strings and tougher than the Kevlar.

This silk can absorb a lot of impact. This capacity of absorption is crucial and because of that, the silk can be used in protective tools and coverings like shrapnel resistant or protective military clothing. Thanks to its almost supernatural properties like high tensile strength, luster and elasticity, it is a very promising material for industrial and commercial applications.


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