Natural wool is a perfect kind of material to protect against cold. Its excellent properties make it a good choice for everyone who gets cold easily. It has also a wide range of properties to improve your health condition. Check out why you should have more clothes made with wool in your wardrobe.

Kinds of wool

• merino: is a kind of wool obtained from merino sheep. Its fiber is long and elastic what makes it crush-resistant. Moreover, its very thin fibers strengthen the soft feeling. Merino wool doesn’t itch almost at all. Is very warm but at the same time absorbs humidity. Is even used to produce thermal underwear. Merino wool has a big amount of natural fats, so it doesn’t get dirty easily.
• Cashmere: the most expensive from all kinds of wool stands out with its soft and brilliant shine. We can differentiate the two kinds of cashmere. The first one is the most valuable with a soft feeling. The second one is made with thick fibers not as smooth as the first one. Clothes made with cashmere are quite expensive so not everyone can afford it.

• Mohair: this kind of wool stands out with its silky shine. Is delicate and doesn’t have a tendency to cluster together.

Properties and usage

Wool soothes ailments such as muscles, joints, and spinal diseases. It’s the healthiest thermoregulator product that is used to produce clothes, shoes, and blankets. Absorbs sweat so it’s perfect for pillows and quilts production. Thanks to the regular temperature of 36,6 Celsius degrees maintenance limits bacteria multiplication.


Main characteristics:

1. perfect thermo-insulation properties,
2. noise-absorbing properties,
3. high hygroscopic characteristics,
4. UV radiation absorption
5. biodegradability

Wool – perfect to recycle

Natural wool is a perfect material to recycle. Self-made jumper which already looks worn-out can be easily shaved and later undone. The obtained wool base can be used again for the next product.

Care and usage

Products made with natural wool require a lot of care, hand washing, and flat drying. Clothes made with wool shouldn’t hang on the hanger to avoid stretching.

A great number of wool properties makes this kind of material a perfect choice for high-quality products. Despite its higher price, it’s often worth buying to enjoy the product for longer.


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