Home Products When you need to combine Business and Surfing – Quiksilver!

When you need to combine Business and Surfing – Quiksilver!


On the Wave with Quiksilver

Does dawn patrol have you throwing on whatever’s at hand on your way to the office? Give yourself more time in the water with a True Wetsuit from Quiksilver Japan.

Quiksilver designed a wetsuit

True Wetsuits

True Wetsuits look like normal business attire: ties, shirts, jackets, and pants. The color options are equally tame, with a navy or black single-breasted jacket, and, for more formal occasions, a tuxedo. But the jackets and pants’ construction from two-millimeter-thick neoprene, just like a traditional wetsuit, traps body heat in the water. The dress shirt is made from a water-repellent fabric. Even the design is geared toward surf-performance, including flat-sewn pockets so you don’t fill up on a wipeout.


Business-ready in and out of the water.

These made-to-order suits are, at present, available only in Japan and exclusively in men’s styles. Delivery takes two months, and jacket, pants, shirts and ties are included for about $2,500 total. That’s a bargain! At Barney’s, some sport coats alone will run you more than that. And think how much you’ll save on dry cleaning!

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