A good night sleep is a foundation on which our health is laid. It is worth to keep in mind and choose the best bedding option individually. Every kind of fabric offers different properties which can improve our comfort.


It is lightweight, breathable, strong and easy to wash. Cotton easily absorbs moisture which favors an environment friendly for bacteria and can give an uncomfortable feeling when the perspiration is an issue. Apart from traditional cotton material, we can also mention about Egyptian and Pima one. Both are made of a high-quality and long fibres that ensures softness.



It gives a soft and stretchable feeling when you sleep. Jersey fabrics are pleasant and easy to care for.


Flannel is usually produced with natural fibres like wool or cotton. After physical manipulation, it gets softer and gives a heavier feel. It is also known for its good isolation properties what makes it a good choice for colder nights.



Smooth and shiny satin is definitely a right pick for everyone who values elegance. It is soft and more wrinkle resistant.


Silk is absolutely one of the most expensive choices of all but there is a reason for it. It is a natural protein fibre made of silkworms. Incredibly soft and strong silk serves good as a thermoregulator. It has the ability to absorb a lot of moisture which is why it should be washed regularly with dry methods. Probably silk is not the most practical kind of material for bed clothing but it surely ensures great comfort thanks to its soft, luxurious feeling and good isolation properties.

satin, silk


Both linen and silk are considered to be more of a luxurious kind of fabrics. Linen, which remained popular for centuries, is made of natural plant fibres. What makes it an excellent choice for people living in a hot climate is that it is breathable and cool. High-quality linen fibres are soft, very strong, durable and can serve us well for many years. It wrinkles easily, so it is not recommended for those who do not like ironing.



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