Apart from diet and exercise routine, sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining physical and mental health. The forthcoming international textile fair in Frankfurt – Heimtextil is going to be a great opportunity to learn what is new in the sleep industry.

Various researches show that inadequate amount of sleep leads to serious health problems, no matter the diet and physical activity. Moreover, analysis of patients led to an obvious conclusion: our sleep is getting growingly worse. Today we know much more about sleep than ever before so it is much easier to find new ways for our sleep improvement.
During the fair international experts will present new discoveries and advise the guests on how to improve the effectiveness of their sleep.

Sleep control

Undoubtedly it is worth to mention a new device designed and produced by the French company Withings, that monitors the course of our sleep. The Sleep consists of a mat and sensors that are compatible with our smartphones. The app informs us about the condition and quality of our night and provides users with useful tips which help in incorporating healthy habits into our everyday lives.
mat sleep control

Inspired by top sports stars

Nick Littlehales, who is a sleep coach to many famous athletes such as C. Ronaldo or L. Hamilton will be present at the event. According to Littlehales opinion sleeping habits of top sports stars can and should be implemented in everyone’s life.

Modern tent

During Heimtextil you will also have a chance to attend a world premiere of Sleep Cube designed by Sleeperoo company. Sleep Cube is a modern option for a tent in the shape of a capsule. It ensures comfort for two persons and comes with 3 panoramic windows that enable to admire the surroundings and the sky.

modern tent

Ecology in your bedroom

Sustainable materials are getting more attention ultimately even in the bedroom industry. For that reason, there is going to be a block of lectures carried out by several experts. They will talk about the quality of processing and usage of sustainable materials. You will also learn how to understand an ecological way of life from both the consumer and retailer side.


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