The KAISR Original

KAISR OriginalThe KAISR Original is a super comfy, portable and fun to use inflatable sofa. This one of a kind product from Amsterdam that needs only two scoops of air is now on Indiegogo.

Inspired by the simple technique of the dry bag, the Kaiser Original from Amsterdam is designed for ultimate relaxation anywhere and anytime. The ultra lightweight, easy to carry and inflatable sofa that needs only two scoops of air and is built to last a lifetime is now available exclusively on Indiegogo.

KAISR Original: The Ultimate Inflatable SofaMade of super strong and airtight yet ultra light, waterproof and durable parachute fabric, the KAISR Original weighs just 1.3 kg. It also has a stretch pocket on the side for cans and drink, a double pocket for books/ebook readers and phones, and also a bottle opener, which makes it fun to use. Apart from floating on water, the super stable sofa can be used on any surface that isn’t perfectly smooth or soft. It can endure anything – from grass and sand to rougher terrains like those with shells, small rocks or even hard pavement, which makes it perfect for long hiking trips, sunny days at the beach or park, favorite outdoor festivals and sunbathing in the backyard.

“Dragging along those heavy beach chairs, spending the whole afternoon inflating air mattresses or lugging around a bulky bean bag are passé now with the KAISR Original. It also beats sitting or lying on a thin towel on the hard ground. Our goal was simple – to completely change the way people unwind. We tested our product for a whole year, travelled the world and used it under the hardest conditions,” said Maarten, founder of KAISR Original.

The KAISR Original has a maximum weight capacity of over 250 kg, which means it can easily support 3 adults while lasting up to 8 hours on a single inflation. Deflating it is a breeze – simply unclip the opening and the air lounge will release 700 liters of air in a heartbeat. A small loop on the side helps secure it to the ground.

Ultimate Inflatable Sofa

The KAISR is great for those long hiking trips … hanging out at the beach or the park… sunbathing in your backyard … Or at your favorite outdoor festival!

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More information about the KAISR Original that comes in several beautiful colors is available at Kaisr Original.


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