Surely you’ve seen articles about RemaDays on our website before. This article aims to summarize the event and bring it closer to those who could not appear on it.

RemaDays Warsaw 2018 lasted from 7 to 9 February and took place in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. It was already the 3rd edition, which took place at Ptak Expo Warsaw. We managed to talk to the director of the fair, Sebastian Ząbek, who brought us closer to the comparison of previous editions and those taking place at Ptak Expo.

“RemaDays Warsaw is the largest trade fair of this type in Poland, 2 in Europe and 4 in the world. The current edition has definitely beaten the previous number of exhibitors, including foreign exhibitors, which amount increased by 20%. Placement of RemaDays in Ptak Expo allowed us to enlarge the exhibition space from 15 to 35 thousand square meters, 809 exhibitors appeared at this year’s fair, comparing to 507, when the event took place at Expo 21 Warsaw, it is a big jump. ” – says Sebastian Ząbek.

We selected 10 out of 809 exhibitors, who in our opinion had the most interesting stands, gadgets and ideas for products. You could meet 2 of them in previous articles.

The company appeared at the fair earlier, it was their second RemaDays event. The company specializes in various types of films placed on cars: for printing, advertising, car personalization and raising its attractiveness. cooperated with 3M during the trade fair. The durability of the premium car film is a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 12, moreover, it is replaceable. We have been assured that the foil does not react in any way with car paint.

Fruit of the Loom
“Fruit of the Loom is one of the most recognizable clothing brands in the world, with more than one hundred and sixty years of experience that makes people around the world recognize and trust this brand” – this is what the manufacturer’s website says. We were particularly interested in their newest product, which is completely hydrophobic. It was a jacket made in Bionic Softshell Skin technology, which is environmentally friendly. This jacket does not absorb water, it even escapes from its surface. The company in its offer, in addition to advertising clothes, also has underwear, shirts and children’s clothing.

Fitchoice is a company specializing in advertising gadgets. Our attention was attracted by the sugar bottle, which at the fair got a bronze medal in the category of “Modern Proecological Product”. This bottle is made of cane sugar. This sugar is broken down into ethanol by means of chemical reactions, from which polyethylene granules are obtained. The product has no fragrance, is 95% biodegradable, decomposes 10 times faster than standard PE, and does not contain BPA.

Tent Grupa
Tent Grupa deals in blown and pneumatic advertising, external and internal advertising as well as large format printing. At the fair, they regularly appear every year to present the latest advertising technologies developed by them. The product that was presented to us was a backlit frame of a composite that does not require assembly tools and is lighter than the standard frame.

Icon SA
Another company operating in the advertising tents industry, large format printing, event furniture and many other related, appearing annually at the fair. On their stand they presented us the X-Gloo constant pressure tent with a slim-frame system, backlit edge and rear panel, with magnetic shelves.

This is a web printing house that has been on the market for 16 years. Established in 2002, is one of the pioneers of online business and for many years offers us something that has not existed on the market so far. ViperPrint deals in the printing of catalogs, leaflets, posters, business cards and many, many more. The company’s stand was rich in beautiful business cards, full of various pressings, patterns, colors and fonts.

Forum Design Cards
Polish art printing house operating on the market for 20 years, creating occasional prints, invitations, diplomas, certificates, combining traditional craft methods with the latest technology and the original style of their products. The company was founded in 1998 and is constantly developing in the printing industry. They delighted us with beautiful 3D cards, eye-catching embossing and minimalistic graphics.

A Polish advertising company whose flagship product is wooden deck chairs with any printing you want, made entirely of high quality beech wood. The offer also includes beach screens, winders and hammocks. Leżakowo offers various printing technologies of the highest quality on materials of Polish origin. In addition, the company expanded its offer to include advertising products for children.

Our editorial team is positive that this year’s RemaDays was extremely successful and we look forward to the next edition next year! You can not miss that!


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