Stoisko firmy SauledaSince being established in 1897 the Spanish company, Sauleda SA, has continued in its traditions, creating high quality technical textiles. After being founded by Victoriano Sauleda, the business was then entrusted into the hands of his son Jose Sauleda Paulis.
More than a century later Sauleda is determined to continue following this path. It remains loyal to the ideals already established even when times are tough. Longevity poses a real challenge, and it is for this reason that the company continually reviews its portfolio, production and logistic facilities.

Sauleda’s strategic investments rely on the ownership and control of factories as a means of production. Its main objectives are to:

  • Guarantee the use of high quality raw material. In order to achieve this Sauleda has used yarn has been used from its own factories since 1990.
  • Continuously invest and develop production facilities to support the business and to develop a high quality awning fabric.
  • Be self-sufficient in the production of technical textiles. The factory in Berga (Barcelona) undertakes a unique treatment on each piece of material.
  • Have its own logistics centre in order to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of products on worldwide basis.
  • Be open to new markets and opportunities for technical textiles.

Bathed in sunlight Sauleda’s experience has enabled them to add their own unique twist to the awnings. The Spanish company uses traditional weaving methods combined with threads and fabrics which change colour.

Sauleda faces a lot of challenges as to how to continue to market and sell their products. However, one thing is certain. The Spanish company knows how to create technical materials and awnings of the highest quality whilst retaining the same charm and style which applies to Spain’s sunny beaches.


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