Decorating and accessorising a house in the Summer can be fun if you know how to mix and match fabrics and materials, so they look good. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful, aesthetic place, right?

Tiger print

Tiger Print is a curated selection of three motifs in ranging colourways and materials, all drawing on the iconography of the tiger in traditional Tibetan aesthetic. This kind of material will look good matched with neutral, warm toned colours like bronze, beige, but also with yellow and orange accessories (pillows, curtains etc.). Ideal for fans of tribal vibes.


Velvet is always associated with luxury, richness and poshness – but it can also look good on any space, whether you are living in a huge mansion or in just simple flat. Velvet looks good especially on curtains, bedcovers, decoratory pillows and chairs. If you want to spice up your interiors, just add some velvet. It will make it look aesthetically pleasing and expensive.

Geometric pattern

If you happen to be a fan of eastern cultures and you just love these motifs, this one is for you. Zig-zags and geometric styles are the trend again! You can mix them and match without the fear of making it look cheap and trashy. They look good in almost every colour and tone, neon, neutral, bright, dark – you choose. Get creative and let yourself use your imagination!


If you love nature, you should definitely get some wood furniture in your house. Wooden furniture looks very good in Scandinavian style interiors. Wooden prints and motifs look good too! Ever wondered about getting your interiors style raw and fresh? Help yourself feel at your own house like you were in Sweden for holidays!

Have you decided already which style suits you the best? We hope our little guide helped you make the right choice!


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