Petit Pli company designed kids’ clothes that perfectly fit children from 6 months old to 36 months. This modern child garment can be worn by both boys and girls as it features a neutral style suitable for both genders.

The concept proves that buying children clothes is not always bound to constant expenditure. Kids grow so fast so their clothes can too. This unusual property sounds like a dream-come-true for every thrifty parent.

Pleated pattern

Ryan Yasin who is the designer and the author of the idea was inspired to start his work on the project when the cloth he bought for his newborn nephew turned out to be too small before it was even delivered. First experiments made him realize that pleating synthetic fabric in a particular pattern allows stretching it in both directions. That was the key to produce the first prototype of the cloth which fits perfectly both newborn baby and two-year-old child.

Slow fashion

The Petit Pli concept strengthens the idea of slow fashion which is against frequent clothes buying. Apart from that, the garment can “grow” with the child, they are also waterproof. Parents who decide to buy this kind of modern kids clothing can save their own money for the future. It is also a good choice for the environment as slow fashion favours the reduction of manufacturing of the clothes, transporting and discarding process.

The universal pleating pattern of the material allows folding the clothes easily. When it is not worn it can be also folded and put in the pocket as it is really small. The material used for the production of the clothes is strong enough to last for a long time. However, even if it is worn out it is recyclable and probably can be used for new garment production.


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