Carbon Workshop

zCARBONka carbon fibre walletCarbon fibres are increasing in popularity due to their strength and lightness. Many Polish companies are taking advantage of this technological development. One such company is Carbon Workshop a Polish Start-up with large (carbon) ambitions as described in First Million.

From the idea, by collection, to the product

The founders of successful Start-up’s are people who fight for intriguing and unusual ways to use carbon fibre in everyday life. Their first product is related to our … finances and pockets.

“[…] launched the production of Carbon Wallet (zCARBONka). Carbon fiber wallets designed to hold plastic cards. At the end of February this year by the crowdfunding portal and collected almost 3,000 Euros, although they only needed approximately 2,000 Euros.”

A modern and safe wallet

zCARBONka carbon fibre wallet

“Two cover with glossy carbon composite material, coated on the inside with soft material, will hold up to eight cards. At the same time provides security against unauthorized wireless data reading. Carbon fibres block the PayPass signal system but pass radio waves used eg. in urban cards (in the subway it is enough to put the wallet into the reader).”

All the positive features of this product are a merit of the material from which they have been made.

The potential of carbon fiber

zCARBONka carbon fibre wallet

“The composites of carbon fiber, lighter than steel and several times stronger, as a construction material have great potential. They can also be used in extreme constructions. Hence the growing demand for carbon as an alternative to metals and products in which it is applied. ”

Carbon fibers are also often mentioned in the context of the new generation of technical textiles. They increase the durability of products and reduce damage through the coal structure. They are also easier to implement and to combine with other technical techtextiles.


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