bagIt’s early, you’re tired, the camp fire is cold, and dragging yourself out of your sleeping bag isn’t an attractive proposition. The Evrgrn Crash Sack can be worn as a cozy puffer coat … so you don’t have to.

The Crash Sack isn’t the first sleeping bag of this ilk. The Selk bag and Poler’s Napsack are based on a similar premise, with the latter looking even slicker now than when we first covered it. Nonetheless, the Crash Sack has a few nifty features of its own.

The arm-holes, of course, allow the wearer to grab what they need around them, but are covered by shoulder flaps so that heat-loss is minimized. Although the bottom of the sleeping bag doesn’t zip off entirely, the zipper can be opened a little and the bottom clipped up so that the wearer can walk around in it easily. The lack of a detachable bottom section means there is no chance of losing it. There is also a hood with a rim for added warmth.

The Crash Sack has pockets on the inside that are also accessible through zippers on the outside. There’s a zipper pocket on the chest as well.

The Crash Sack is available in three sizes, is rated down to 45º Fahrenheit (7º Celsius) and costs US$119. It was released at the end of May as part of the new Evrgrn brand from outdoor gear manufacturer REI.



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