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As you may already know, is Europe’s largest technical textiles website delivering the latest news, information, inspirations and developments for both manufacturers and clients. A rich experience and extensive knowledge make us the leader in delivering news from the world of technical textiles. We work with leading international representatives from industry, effectively helping them to increase their readership. Our website is daily updated and reaches more than 20,000 customers per month. We present the most interesting products, events and news from the world of technical textiles! Your products or services can be made known to the whole world.

Every 3 months we present you Tetex Magazine – a collection of articles dedicated to the newest information from technical textiles’ trade. In each issue we do our best to provide you varied content, it makes that everyone can find here something interesting. This winter we present you the summary of the year 2017. Last year was rich in innovations and was very productive. We are so pleased to see how fast textile industry is going forward and we would like to share the most interesting developments with you, thus we gathered all important information in one place so it could be easily accessed and understood.

What were the most innovative developments of 2017? How is the smart textiles field changing? What can you do with graphene? Is there any connection between bacteria, fabrics and energy? Check it out yourself! We are sure you will not be disappointed.

We hope that our latest issue will satisfy your curiosity about current textile industry world. If you want us to put your article or company in the next issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are currently looking for partners to cooperate with. Each issue of Tetex Magazine you can download or read online – choose your favourite way!
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