During the morning shopping we stumbled upon the unusual offer at the supermarket – gloves for smartphones by Soxo. Tempted by an attractive price and pleasant to the eye design, we decided to buy them. Upon arrival to our editorial headquarters we proceeded with immediate testing.

Our curiosity was fuelled by a desire to check if the supermarket’s gloves dedicated to work with touch screen, in fact, actually work.
Just moments ago such innovation was desirable only by geeks and for others just way beyond the budget. Moreover, design of such gloves left a lot to be expected. Fortunately, each season prices of such gadgets melt and they start being accessible for a bigger number of users. For the moment touchscreen gloves are displayed on shelves not only in prestigious boutiques but also in your neighbourhood supermarkets and malls.

Design and exploitation

For the tests we used full range of smartphones – iPhone 6s, Nokia Lumia 925, HTC Desire X and Sony Xperia Z2. To our amazement the gloves worked just fine with all devices – regardless the phones from top shelf or the bottom one. It is a great advantage for a gadget, that it is not limited to certain series of products.

Tested gloves are made in 90% of acrylic with 10% elastane. The mixture is so soft and pleasant to the touch, that after a while you can forget you even have them on. The tips of three fingers are completed with touch-sensitive pads that allow to operate the touch screens.

Gloves for touch screens
The manufacturer did not specify the size of the gloves – we can assume that it is universal. Acrylic is a material with a high degree of extensibility and is ideal for this type of products. Moreover, high flexibility means smaller chances of breaking or tearing them up. The gloves look quite durable and should withstand at least one season. But for a price of roughly 3$ what else could you want?

Are they working?

Yes, they are! The three touch-sensitive pads are working smoothly on phones and tablets. We did not observe any delay in communication between devices. Writing texts, browsing internet and playing games felt just as comfortable as done with your bare hands.

Gloves for touch screens

Is it worth those money?

Definitely! For such a low price we get a fully operating product that will be a great present and for those of you who just seem cannot put their phones down will help you avoid frost bites. Of course, on the market you can find models with nicer design and better quality of materials but it also comes with a price. A much, much higher price. However, such supermarket occasions are a good way to test the product yourself and see if it works for you. Maybe it would be enough, maybe you would want more but those are definitely the gloves you can start with.



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