tetex magazine spring 2016

The spring issue of Tetex Magazine is dedicated to our gardens and cultivation. It doesn’t matter if you are either an amateur or professional gardener – in this edition you’ll find something for you. We compared agrotextile, tunnel constructions and ways of reinforcing PVC materials. We tested some gadgets for your pets and, as always, we prepared recent news from technical textile industry.

Quarterly technical textiles magazine Winter 2016

This issue of our magazine is dedicated to wintertime. We compared different kinds of skiing jacket, present you extreme sports that you can play during winter and suggest what gadgets you should buy to survive till spring. We added also a few worlds about nanotechnology and took you for a journey to Quarry Bank in England.

okładka tetex magazyn jesień 2015

In this issue we focus on environmental problems. We present you eco-fabric made in slaughterhouse, futuristic seaweed’s farms and innovative ways to clean oceans. We also take you to Expo Trade 2015 in Milan and to Eden – one of a kind giant biosystem.

Quarterly technical textiles magazine summer 2015

This issue of Tetex Magazine gathers informations about awnings. We help you to choose, instal and preserve awning to your garden. Also you can find some informations about innovative textiles, best products for summer and oryginal idea for starting your own business.