This year’s Trade Fair for Technical Textiles hosted a record-breaking number of visitors. Our portal prepared its own stand and used this opportunity to establish new business contacts. We could also take a look at state-of-the-art products offered by the sector of technical textiles.

Trade Fair in numbers:

  • 1500 m2 – total exhibition area
  • 2100 – number of visitors
  • 43 – number of exhibitors
  • 28 – conference lectures
  • 5 – countries represented by exhibitors

Exhibitors could also win the Gold Medal of the Trade Fairs for Technical Textiles. The award is designed to honour companies which may pride themselves on their innovative product or production process. The winners have not been announced yet.

Sectors represented by exhibitors (starting with the most popular)

  • production of textiles, knitted fabrics, tarpaulin materials, etc.
  • haberdashery
  • finishing of textiles
  • production of specialist chemicals
  • research facilities
  • haberdashery accessories
  • production of yarns
  • medical

Sectors represented by Trade Fair visitors:

  • automotive
  • constructions and road building
  • aviation and shipbuilding
  • pulp and paper production
  • mining
  • agriculture
  • metallurgical and steel industry
  • chemicals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medicine
  • furniture
  • horticulture
  • textile and clothing
  • footwear
  • underwear and corsetry branches
  • decorations

Innovatex 2016 Conference

Just as in the previous editions, this year’s TFTT Conference featured lectures led by specialists in their respective fields. On both days, visitors could participate in 28 presentations, about 15 minutes each. Said lectures covered diverse topics so as to address the variety of profiles characteristic to companies taking part in the Trade Fairs. Sessions were devoted to the following fields: proetex, techtex, budtex, medtex and agrotex. We tried to exchange a few words with each exhibitor. By doing so, we selected 5 most interesting (at least in our opinion) products presented during the Trade Fair. You can find their descriptions below.

Seat components


Ecological fillings, characterised by excellent elasticity while maintaining fluffiness, have been designed especially for upholstered furniture. The component lets the air go through it so that the seat can “breathe.” Already in use in the automotive industry, this solution conquers the furniture market.

III Trade Fair for Technical Textiles 2016

Revitalising historical textiles

Textile Research Institute

The Institute handles tasks such as restoring historical textiles on the basis of photographs and descriptive documentation. As a result, fabrics resembling the original decorations are produced; however, they are non-flammable and easier to maintain.

III Trade Fair for Technical Textiles 2016

Orbital bones prosthesis


Prosthesis made of polypropylene yarn is able to treat defects in the orbital bones (to date, this material has been used to produce prostheses for other bones, such as ribs or cranial vault bones). The characteristics of the product make it possible to match its physical properties with natural bone.

III Trade Fair for Technical Textiles 2016


Sako-Expo Techtextilplast

This innovative system of reinforced tarpaulins is used to secure lorries, tents, etc. Sakoplan Security is equipped with an electric alarm and a GPS system.

III Trade Fair for Technical Textiles 2016

Mobile Laboratory

Institute of Security Technologies „Moratex”

Mobile laboratory is designed for forensic police units in mind to help them disclose dactyloscopic traces directly on-site. The laboratory employs innovative solutions concerning pneumatic textile structures.

III Trade Fair for Technical Textiles 2016


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