Have you ever wondered how the Star Wars producers are making all these beautiful special effects? Same here! Unfortunately, they did not share their secrets with us. But BANDAI company made it so much easier to understand. These exploding ships are cleverly twisted from cotton and illuminated with LED diodes, created by the user of the Instagram portal @plasticstarwars.

Below you can see how the models look like. Do you like it?

In the video below there is an explanation and a demonstration of all starships from Star Wars:

Cotton is the most important fiber plant, which provides 70% of the annual consumption of clothing fabrics in the world and has been used for several thousand years. Before we created machines for weaving the material, people weaved it by hand. It was a very time-consuming and inefficient job. In the second half of the eighteenth century, machines were invented that increased the rate of fabric production. These were, among others, Jenny’s spinner, a water warp machine and a mechanical loom. The creation of these machines improved production and encouraged farmers to expand their plantations. However, it was not until the nineteenth century that cotton production and consumption developed on a large scale thanks to the mechanization of ginning, spinning and weaving processes as well as the general rise of industrialization and the standard of living of the population. In the interwar years, the maximum area of ​​cotton cultivation in the world was reached. Since then, both the cotton growing area in the world and the production of cotton fiber have not undergone major changes. We are surprised ourselves how many things can be obtained from cotton – even in modeling!


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