Warning! The Heatwave is Coming.

DSC_0229We suggest how to deal with it. If you have not heard about Slip and Slide, it might be time that you took a look at this latest holiday craze! Needless to say, the fashion for this type of entertainment came, as usual, from overseas.
One of the summer holiday amusements is the water slide. This is a great way to combat the heat and have fun and not only for children. Of course, you may wish to make one yourselves but for not much higher a price we can get the finished product made from high quality materials, which will prove an enduring attraction and is ideal for parties and outdoor activities.

We Bought it so we will Test It!

The ordered product arrived extremely quickly. After unpacking the package we saw the following:


As it turned out the kit contains everything you need for fun. We could not wait, so proceeded to assemble straight away.

Our kit contained:

• A very strong material (resistant to tearing and stretching) 9 m long and 1.3 m wide
• Foam separators
• An anti-slip mat (beginning of slide)
• Material that facilitates a slowdown at the end of slide
• Pins and rope

Note: We noticed that it is recommended to use it on a foam surface only to maintain maximum slide lifetime. This can be purchased from the slide manufacturer.


In addition, an empty lawn with access to water and a garden sprinkler is required. Assembling the kit turned out to be child’s play!

We placed it on our “playground” which had already been selected. We cleaned it with cones and stones andspread the foam substrate and then extended the material.


After this we attached the foam separators. These help to maintain the correct track and to water.


Their installation proved to be extremely simple and took no more than 5 minutes.

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The slide was attached to the ground thanks to special steel mesh (rope and pins which were included in our set). This greatly facilitated the preparation.


Then it was simply a question of spreading out the tarpaulin to brake and go!


How to test that “on the whole”! Pull out another set. Adrenaline, coldness and rivalry, is there anything better on a hot day?


What happened next? Well, let’s just say that the party continued until nightfall. 🙂

Is it a Good Buy?

Yes, of course. For less than 50 Euros, we have a product that is suitable for both children and adults alike. It offers a great source of fun for many seasons to come.


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