Sioen Industries

sioen_industriesSioen Industries is a group that has an extensive portfolio of products and activities which includes spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of clothing, production of chemicals and processing of technical textiles.

Since 1960 the company was engaged in the production of technical textiles (cover), expanding its business by spinning, weaving, and the production of pigments and clothing. As a fully integrated group Sioen covers each stage of the production and processing of coated textiles, from spinning to weaving and coating to specialist processing. This includes all five major coating processes, each with its own application in the market.DSC_0060-300x199

Sioen focuses on global customers, professional users and focuses its efforts on research, development and global sales. Sioen are developing environmentally friendly coating technologies and will set the standard for safety and environmental protection in order to create a solid and profitable growth

In the future, Sioen Industries will focus on high-end specialty products, bespoke products, recycling products, intelligent fabrics and the launch of many other products which we look forward to hearing about.DSC_0106-300x199

At Techtextil 2015 in Frankfurt, Sioen were awarded the Innovation Award in the category of “New Material” for the development of textiles for seaweed cultivation and alternative biomasses. An article about the Techtextil Innovation Awards 2015 can be found on at the Innovation Awards link.


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