SGL Group, a leading manufacturer of carbon-based products and materials, is expanding its portfolio in the field of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics with organic sheets, by introducing one new product – organic sheets made from carbon and glass fibres.

The company presented its carbon fibre optimized for thermoplastic applications SIGRAFIL C T50-4.0/240-T140 for the first time back at the JEC 2014, the leading trade fair for the composite industry that took place last May in Paris.

Organic sheets

Organic sheets are continuous fibre-reinforced laminates with a thermoplastic matrix. They are said to combine the positive fibre properties of composite materials, such as high rigidity and low weight, with the familiar processing advantages of thermoplastics.

Components made from organic sheets can be shaped in any final product geometry, as well as repaired and recycled effectively, according to the manufacturer. Two standardized sizes are available to customers. In addition to this, SGL Group offers individual laminate structures in terms of orientation, textile architectures and wall thickness.

“Thermoplastic fibre composite materials are a class of materials that offers completely new application and processing possibilities for carbon fibre materials. Thermoplastic solutions address key issues in the industry such as short cycle times, weldability, repairability or recycling. Together with our customers, we can benefit from the cost and processing advantages involved,” explained Andreas Wüllner, Chairman of the Business Unit Carbon Fibers and Composite Materials.

Holistic solution

An interdisciplinary team, characterized by particularly close cooperation between the Business Unit and the Research department, has been put together within SGL Group for customer-specific material and process development along with production and marketing of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics.

Alongside marketing semi-finished goods, the new group offers various individual services. With these, the team offers customer support in fields including engineering and prototyping. “SGL Group regards itself as a particularly effective holistic solution provider in the field of thermoplastic composite materials,” said Dr Andreas Erber, Head of the newly established team.

“Thanks to its comprehensive understanding of the entire process chain from carbon fibre to the fibre-reinforced semi-finished goods and finally the thermoplastic lightweight structure, SGL Group can offer its customers individual support on the path to achieving an innovative solution that is cost-effective at the same time.”

Dynamic area for growth

“At an early stage, SGL Group identified the field of thermoplastic composite materials as a dynamic area for growth and is now profiting from the established expertise,” commented Dr Tilo Hauke, Head of the central Research and Development department T & I.

“More than two years ago, we launched a thermoplastic programme in which all of the research and development activities from carbon fibre up to application in structural components are combined.”


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