Safil, the Italian spinning company, expands its offer by presenting a range of performing yarns for functional garments, made of innovative blends of natural and technical fibres, at Performance Days, the leading trade fair for functional fabrics that takes place from 28-29 April in Munich.

The company’s goal is to develop an offer of yarn with a high level of personality and technical properties. As the borders between fashion, urban, active and sportswear are not strict – neat, contemporary yarns can be used to create both clothing with multifunctional characteristics for different applications and garments with precise technical standards.

Sustainability and comfort

Safil is the first spinner in Italy to become bluesign system partner. Safil yarns are produced respecting the bluesign system, in order to reduce the impact on people and environment, to ensure responsible use of resources and to guarantee the highest level of consumer safety. The company also encourages its suppliers to increase their efforts for better sustainability.


Biella based manufacturer is also the first worsted spinning company in Europe to adopt the Wool ComfortMeter, a Total Quality System that removes the guess work from the garment developing process and is said to help produce next-to-skin wool garments without the itchy effects occurring when the ends of wool fibres push against the wearer’s skin.

Tender & Grosso

Designed for urban wear, active urban lifestyle, the sample knit is constructed from two yarns being intimate fibre blends.

The external face is Nm 1/32 – 50% Merino and 50% Polyacrylonitrile, the next to skin side is Nm 1/55 – 50% Merino and 50% Cotton.

Developed to combine functionality and fashion with good moisture management properties, the yarn is suitable for high comfort garments.


Suitable for lightweight fabric for casual jackets and activewear, Roller is said to give a felting effect to the garments. The result will only be achieved from well chosen raw material in combination with special technical skills throughout the production chain.

The fabric obtained with Roller, spun from 100% Wool Nm 2/28, adds the effect of water repellency without the need for treatment to the existing properties of wool.

Australia & Brenva

Natural fibre solution for travelling and after sport activities, this yarn can be used o produce fashionable garments.

The sample knit is made with 100% Merino yarn of Nm 1/48 on the face produced in a nice pattern to demonstrate the design options. The back is a smooth 70% Tencel and 30% Merino blend spun in Nm 1/60 for the perfect comfort and to reduce the final fabric weight.

Maremma & Grosso

A selected blend of 100% natural fibres with great thermoregulating properties, Maremma & Grosso creates an elegant look for high end sports and outdoor brands.

The sample knit represents an exclusive option for after sport or urban wear, made with Nm 1/16 50% Alpaca blended with 50% Wool for the face and Nm 1/55 from 50% Merino and 50% Cotton.


This high performance blend is specific for the use next-to-skin in active wear, where quick transport of moisture away from the skin is important. The product can also be used for tight fit first layer garments to control the released moisture from the work out.

The body will be kept dry and temperature regulated thanks to the Merino fibres, according to the company. The yarn is said to provide good natural elasticity, high burst strength and minimize the effect from unwanted odours.


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