RemaDays 2019 Trade Fair was a great event to find out more about the newest innovations in the commercial world in Poland. This edition was an outstanding occasion to meet a wide variety of exibitiors, including the textile trade.

RemaDays Trade Fair took place on 13-15.02.2019 and again was organized in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. It enticed a record number of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.  The trade fair was also a great occasion to  find out more about textile news. Our Tetex delegation showed up to discover what technical textile is used in commercials and advertising.

What is the advertising industry?

We already know! A lot of new contacts begun on the two huge market halls. Our attention was caught by wooden funfair. It is a collection of wooden figures for building a 3D brain teaser. As the manufacturer says, it is a great idea for a gift – for friends, family or colleagues.

Wooden City

It is also worth to mention the innovative stickers made of special electrostatic foil. It can be stick to different materials and doesn’t leave glue stains. Apart from this, a lot of companies presented eco-friendly products. For example metal straws which are reusable. We could also see wide variety of ecological bags made of recycled materials.

Printing on textiles

The best of the best

The trade fair was a great occasion to look for inspiration and new ideas. However, our redaction has to admit that the biggest surprise this year was a hologram suited on a windmill. It displays 3D images. This innovative product creates unique visual effect. The visitors appreciated this exhibition gathering together by the stand. This idea was also the winner of golden trophy in the competition of innovative products.

Our particular attention drew also the paper made of stone. However, it was not the first time we hear this idea, it is still something interesting. First of all, the paper can be produced without engaging trees, what makes it more ecological. Moreover, it is waterproof and tear resistant. The exhibitors were presenting different offers of calendar gifts made of stone paper.

Printing on textile

What is up in textile world?

The most interesting for us was the textile zone. We could notice that printing on fabrics is still something very popular. The work of printers was observed for instance on the Epson exhibition. It presented their newest printer, which was made in collaboration with Robustelli. The Monna Lisa Evo Tree printer is a high quality product which combines the quality with maximum efficiency. It allows to print on different kinds of fabrics making it look like – for example embroidery. What is more, the printer reduces the use of energy.

Wiair company was presenting ecological system of air fillers production. The device was presented on the exhibition during this year’s edition. It uses polyethylene of high density and foil of thickness 20 mm. It is a great solution for developing online shops, production lines and warehouses.

How technical textile is used in commercial environment? For example in production of advertising balloons. They are produced by – for instance – company Ten Balony. Their exhibition was surrounded by the company of huge balloon monster. It was very easy to notice it!

Tent balony

The RemaDays 2019 was not our first occasion to try and check commercial and advertising industry. However, this edition was a great occasion to catch new ideas and use them in our technical textile world!

Trade Fair


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