plant from pet

Veronika Richterová’s sculptures are so cute and colorful that it’s hard to believe they’re made from the same plastic bottles that so many people dispose of as trash. 9These incredible sculptures, which number in the hundreds, give new life to thousands of recycled plastic bottles that the Czech artist collected from around the world. 18The collection, called PET-ART, features all kinds of playful fauna and flora from an adorable cactus collection to a cluster of flying fox bats.7

10Artist Richterová didn’t have an environmental agenda when she first started making sculpture from plastic bottles.135
She started experimenting with the bottles in 2004 after she discovered they could be easily manipulated and deformed with heat—unaware that it would later become, as she calls it, “an obsession…for many years.”
Now a decade later, she has collected 3,000 PET plastic objects from 76 countries and has made hundreds of beautiful plastic bottle sculptures.


Richterová’s animal and plant sculptures represent only a portion of her work with repurposed plastic PET bottles.11 4She has also made a collection of beautiful light fixtures and chandeliers that look as if they were crafted from glass.plant-6 As part of her longtime work with plastic bottles, Richterová has also written A Tribute to PET Bottles, an article that explains the history, uses, trends, and other interesting facts pertaining to plastic PET bottles.6


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