Sako Expo has a wide selection of transparent films made of PVC, characterized by durability, which goes hand in hand with the quality. Films are widely used in industry and agriculture. They are used as curtains for industrial gates, windows for tents, arbor walls, advertising banners, cabrio roofs, sports accessories – covers, bags, sachets, bumper ball, aquazorbing, etc.

Their products have high transparency and flexibility from 42 to 48 PHR (film hardness). They demonstrate resistance to ultraviolet radiation in accordance with ISO 4892-32006 and in the temperature range from -30 to + 800C. For applications where flame retardancy is a requirement, Sako Expo can offer FWP 0.75FR, which has a fire retardant certification (according to PN-EN ISO 6940 and PN-EN6941) and flame-retardant reinforced films with mesh sizes 3×3 and 9×9 mm and width of 250cm.

The new quality of their films is determined by two facts:
1) they comply with the EN 71-3 standard for different types of coatings used on toys. Currently, each inflatable toy released on the European market should be tested for the content of paint, laminates, varnishes, etc. that were used to make it.

2) they do not have phthalates. Phthalates (so-called phthalate plasticisers) are organic compounds used, among others, in foils as softeners that give the materials flexibility. They are widely used in everyday products, which raises concerns about their impact on health.

How can phthalates harm us?

Some phthalates are likely to increase the risk of developing asthma in children aged 5-11 if the mother breathes contaminated air during pregnancy. These substances can affect in some indefinite way the action of hormones, which ultimately leads to damage to the nervous system in children. Seven-year-olds, whose mothers during pregnancy were exposed to air heavily contaminated with phthalates, have an IQ lower by about seven points than their peers whose mothers breathed relatively purer air. Seven points in the IQ scale are a lot, such a difference may affect later achievements in school and professional success. Phthalates probably also have a negative effect on sperm quality in men.

Since phthalates pose a potential health risk, it is recommended to reduce the exposure to these substances by avoiding the consumption of food packed in foil, heated in foil and heavily processed, avoiding perfumes, deodorants, air fresheners, some paper towels and avoiding contaminated rooms. In 2012, phthalates were added to the SVHC Candidate List, i.e. substances of very high concern. The teratogenicity, i.e. the toxic effects on the fetus, is given as the main reason. The creation of this list is one of the effects of the implementation of the EU REACH Regulation in 2008 (according to which our non-phthalate films are made), which aims to increase the protection of the environment and human health against hazards that may be chemical substances.

Parameters of available foils:

Sako Expo transparent foils are available in widths 135, 140 and 180 cm and the beam length of 50 running meter.
We invite you to familiarize with the offer of Sako Expo! More info on the best PVC films is here!


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