One of the biggest blockades for the development of intelligent wearable sensor technology is the fact that so far no long-lasting and light battery has been developed that could provide them with energy.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have reported that they have developed a system for storing energy charges that can be easily implemented in any clothing. They will be able to charge electronic wereable devices and biosensors.

Textile power storages as portable battery

The new method uses a micro-supercapacitor and combines the conductive coated conductive threads with a polymeric film. Thanks to a special sewing technique it is possible to create a flexible mesh of electrodes on a textile base. The product created in this way has a very high storage capacity that can power biosensors and still can be worn comfortably.

Experts say that despite the significant miniaturization of electrical devices, this trend bypassed portable batteries, which were usually too large and too inflexible.

The benefits of using technology

We show in this way that you can literally sew on your shirt pattern, which will be a portable battery. This opens up new possibilities for the use of biosensors and the wereables tech” – reports team member Trisha L. Andrew.

Our supercapacitors are excellent for storing mobile energy because they have a higher power density than traditional batteries.”

The technology is still being researched and developed. The specialists agree that using electrochemically active materials is very difficult. Until today it was also too expensive. Modern technologies allow, however, to make technology more economical. Before the solution is introduced for wider use, It will also be necessary to carefully examine its safety.

Further development plans

The team at the University of Massachusetts works with other researchers at the Health Monitoring Center. Together, they are working on the creation of a new generation of smart clothes. The clothes will have sewn in textile sensors and microprocessors with low power. This will make them monitor the movement of the body, including muscles and joints, without any discomfort during normal everyday functioning.


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