The construction of a textile warehouse is a big investment that should be well thought out and planned. However, if we already know that the appropriate space for storing materials or products is essential for us, it is worth finding out what solutions are available.

The construction of the hall requires a properly prepared area. The ground must be hardened and flat. It is a good base for the construction of metal profiles to be safe and stable.

The company Sako Expo in its offer has flame retardant PVC materials of the “Sakoplan” type with special properties for the construction of tent halls. Thanks to special protective coatings, the materials resist adverse weather conditions for much longer. A complement to the hall structures are the highly transparent foils and Kador tape (Kedra) offered especially for this purpose.

In order not to create unnecessary problems for the construction of such a hall, a patented, innovative product was introduced – aluminum overlays for steel profiles for the retraction of Kador with PVC material. It is the fruit of 25 years of the company’s experience in international operations and customer demand analysis. This product can revolutionize the market for storage and non-commercial tents. The principle of montage is very simple: these pads have side slats and are snap-fitted onto steel profiles from which the tent’s skeleton is built. Each cover has two recesses where the Kador tape with a PVC coating is pulled out. Construction does not require the employment of an expert, you can do yourself an economic system.

Sako Expo company profiles are a perfect solution for companies dealing in the construction of warehouse halls. It is an innovative product protected by a patent, designed to provide the user with simplicity and ease in performing work. The material from which the covers are made is aluminum, so that it will not corrode. Sako Expo offers profiles of the following sizes:
for the “40” profile – 5 and 6 mb
for the “50” profile – 5 mb
for the “60” profile – 5 and 6 mb
for the “80” profile – 5 mb
And the corner cover “28” – 4 mb.

Caps, depending on the width, are suitable for small business warehouses as well as warehouses for industrial applications. Thanks to universal widths, they are an excellent material for finishing roofs of halls and tents, building light walls, exhibition stands and many other constructions. The possibilities of their use are enormous due to the dimensions adapted to the widths most commonly used for the construction of frames and structure of halls closed profiles. The overlays have side slats that spring-loaded the profile, thanks to which they stabilize it on the structure, accelerating the construction and ensuring the overcoming of large lateral pulling forces of the tarpaulin. The method of fastening to the structure is simple with rivets or self-tapping screws. For even easier assembly, we provide all accessories and materials needed to build the hall – tarpaulin material “Sakoplan”, caddy tapes, material welders, rivets and tarpaulin fittings. A properly made construction ensures complete resistance to weather conditions, regardless of whether it is wind, moisture or sun, and the use of Sioen material with a fluorine-containing layer will protect the material against mold and give it self-cleaning properties. The effect of condensing water on the tarpaulin (drop-stop effect) is also eliminated, which protects the material from getting wet.


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