At the seminar, ”The world’s most sustainable catwalk” in Swedish Almedalen a taylor made garment made of the water repellent and fluorocarbon-free fabric OrganoTex® was presented. The material was made of recycled polyester from 7-up bottles collected by the Buddhist charity organization Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan.

Water repellent treatments (so called DWR’s) for textiles and garments contain almost always fluorocarbons, a group of chemicals that are bio-accumulative and can cause cancer and are hormone disturbing. The Swedish clean-tech company OrganoClick has developed an alternative DWR-technology free from fluorocarbons which only contains non-harmful substances which are biodegradable. At Almedalen, during the seminar, “The world’s most sustainable catwalk”, an OrganoTex®-treated garment designed by Karolina Nilsson was presented.

[quote_box_center]“By using biodegradable and non-toxic chemistry in our products we can be sure that we don´t cause any environmental problems which the long-chain fluorocarbons do”[/quote_box_center]

says Mr. Robin Grankvist, Business Area Manager for Performance textiles & nonwoven at OrganoClick.

organo Click The new fluorocarbon-free technology has been developed by OrganoClick´s scientists and in January 2014 it was implemented in factories at Chang-Ho Fibers, a Taiwanese textile producer. Since then about 100 textiles has been developed which are water repellent and free from fluorocarbons. Filippa K was the first fashion brand to start use OrganoClick’s technology in its collection in February 2015.

The taylor-made garment shown in Almedalen is made from recycled polyester made by OrganoClick´s Taiwanese partner Chang-Ho Fibers. The raw-material for the fabric originates from 7-up bottles collected by the Buddhist charity organization Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan. The fabric is undyed and thereby the original green color of the 7-up bottle has been preserved which saves great amount of chemicals, water and energy during the manufacturing process. The garment has been developed in a collaboration between OrganoClick, Chang-Ho Fibers, the Textile University of Borås and TEKO.

[quote_box_center]“We are very proud to present such a well-designed sustainable garment that combines sustainable chemistry, recycled raw-material and savings in energy. In particular it’s nice that the collection of bottles is for charity through the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation”,[/quote_box_center]

comments Mårten Hellberg, CEO of OrganoClick.



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