According to the latest estimates, waste from fruit and vegetable processing reaches 500 tons a day in Poland. An excellent solution for excessive production of pomace is the new method of production of apple pomace material.

Innovative ecological textiles

Polish company Bio2Materials is the first Polish brand growing in the sector of ecological and sustainable textiles. Its main activity is producing organic materials. The company uses apple pomace, which is the largest organic waste from fruit and vegetable processing in Poland. According to estimates  in Poland such waste reaches up to 500 tons per day.

An innovative product for the production of textiles brings many environmental benefits. Above all, regarding the reduction of pollution. The company also guarantees an ecological production method. Bio2Materials develops innovative technology on a global scale. The project works, among others with synthetic leather producers, leather companies, R & D units developing methods, formulas and technologies in the sector of ecological and sustainable textiles and organic materials.

Polish idea straight from Italy

The founders of this innovative material have modeled on the Italian brand Vegea. It uses pomace on grapes, from which it produces new quality textiles. Italy as an important producer of grapes, has a large contribution in the production of pomace on grapes. It is therefore an excellent product, the use of which can minimize the amount of wasted products. Poland, whose most-processed fruit is apples, came up with an idea to use it for the production of textiles.

Another person who became involved in this innovative product of biodegradable skin is Artur Bartkowiak. On a daily basis, the head of the Center for Bioimmobilization and Packaging Materials of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. The idea of production project itself is his idea.

“There is no industrial scale yet, but we are at a very advanced stage. We have a patent application and the product is already available on a laboratory scale. We test prototypes “- says Katarzyna Szpicmacher.

According to the company, the first product sewn from material created from the remains of apples is expected to appear at the end of 2019. This product is to be 100% biodegradable and free from harmful substances.


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