Melange yarns and yarns with colorful effects are a growing trend in the clothing industry. To obtain the optimal yarn from mélange, the fibers must be thoroughly mixed in the right proportions at the beginning of the spinning process. Even slight variations in shade or yarn color deviation can result in poor fabric quality due to knitting or weaving.

Another common reason for poor quality may be the winding process, in which reels with similar colors or shades are accidentally mixed up. Variations of shade can be seen as disturbing stripes in the final product. Depending on the fabric and the size of the change, the final quality can be so low that the fabric can not be used at all. Even small differences in the shade of yarn that can not be detected by the human eye while looking at the spool may result in poor quality. To guarantee high quality even in this difficult field, Loepfe now offers a new optional feature on the YarnMaster ZENIT+. OffColor is able to detect and eliminate very small changes in color and shade of yarn during the winding process. The new function uses the F sensor, which is already integrated with the YarnMaster ZENIT+. Therefore, whirling mills that already use lighter yarn for quality control during winding, can update their devices with this new function.

The new OffColor detection has been extensively tested using a large number of bobbins with mélange yarn. The spools that were made available by the customer had the same color, but slight differences in shades, because the black part of the mélange yarn was slightly different from dark to light gray. During the tests, which were carried out at the Loepfe headquarters in Wetzikon, Switzerland, the YarnMaster ZENIT+ with the new optional OffColor function was able to detect even the smallest shade variations reliably. All other yarn functions were more clearly excluded during testing. This is the final proof that the new functionality works correctly.

The new function does not depend on the color of the yarn. In addition to the tests carried out at the Loepfe headquarters, some customers have already tested new functionality during normal operation at the spinning mill. These customers confirm that the OffColor function works absolutely reliably and cleans yarns of incorrect colors or shades during the winding process. Between 10% and 15% of the spinning mill actually produces colored yarns or melange yarns. “The new YarnMaster ZENIT+ with the OffColor function is absolutely essential in spinning mills, which aim is continuous high quality in the production of melange yarns or colored yarns,” says Gianni Heusser, product manager at Loepfe. The new feature makes the YarnMaster ZENIT + yarn even more versatile. It is able to ensure high production quality in a spinning mill, eliminating all yarn damage during the winding process.


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