A few years ago Niki Bayat started a project that could change the way of taking medication. She launched with Andrew Bartynski a start-up called AesculaTech and started working on a material that could help to treat glaucoma.

The reason why Bayat decided to work on that kind of eye disease was the information from her father who had been diagnosed with glaucoma. He couldn’t undergo an operation nor he did always take medicine regularly. Niki Bayat decided to find a solution to that problem with an effective way of treating. The team first started their research on the topic of dry eye syndrome as it is easier to treat. A medication for glaucoma was planned to be developed in the future.

How does it work?

The whole process is based on the liquid which can be implemented by a doctor once a year. At body temperature it reaches solid-state forming a tiny plug that keeps tears from draining away from the surface of the eye. It could be really useful especially for those who forget about taking medicine or find it uncomfortable. That way the material could constantly release an amount of medicine. After a certain period of time, it would be advisable consulting your doctor to repeat the treatment for the next year.

Byant and Bartynski launched biomedical start-up AesculaTech. The material created by the team thanks has an ability to change its physical state according to the temperature. It might be used in many departments of science. Despite the material was developed to treat eye diseases, AesculaTech hopes it will form the foundation of a new way of taking medication that is more realistic for patients to follow. It is especially important in the case of antibiotics as an irregular taking of medicine can increase bacterial resistance. AesculaTech founders hope their technology will be implemented in various products production like cosmetics or temperature responsive smart textiles.


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