Milliken showcases new fabric for roofing at Techtextil 2015

Milliken logoMilliken & Co is launching and showing a new coated weft inserted warp knit product offering a 100 percent improvement to the tear resistance of polymeric single ply roofing membranes at Techtextil 2015 in hall 3.1, booth B-56.

“This durability step-change to increase the longevity of commercial roofing systems is the latest in Milliken’s innovative line of advanced reinforcements for building and infrastructure applications,”it said in a press release.

Milliken’s new weft inserted warp knit innovation for PVC and TPO membranes features a proprietary coating which is free of plasticisers and volatile organics typically used on roofing fabrics.

house-construction-116282_1280“The coating imparts proven superior strength over existing fabric technologies, contributing to higher wind uplift resistance for the finished membrane,” Milliken added.

“It also enables knock-on cost efficiency benefits, such as a more open fastening pattern to reduce use of mechanical fasteners,” it informed.

According to Milliken, the fabric construction allows greater openness in the reinforcement’s structure of between 5-10 per cent over traditional techniques.

This improvement to openness benefits the customer by improving ply to ply adhesion of the membrane top and bottom plies.

And this innovative warp knit can be substituted for existing reinforcements without any adaptation to the current manufacturing process.

Milliken’s weft inserted warp knit scrims are produced with polyester, glass and other specialty yarns at the company’s facilities in France, Belgium and US and are available globally.

They are individually tailored to customer’s requirements, such as through the addition of functional chemistries to enhance physical properties that improve adhesion, cold bending performance and

“With our new coated weft inserted warp knit product, we offer a unique cost-effective way to reinforce roofing membranes and comply with strict wind uplift standards,”

Jeff Stafford, global market manager said.“We have been supporting improvements in the commercial roofing market and are looking forward to introducing the possibilities offered by this product to European membrane manufacturers,” Stafford added.

construction-workers-199695_1280Milliken offers a wide range of textile capabilities for use in reinforcement fabrics for industrial and building and infrastructure applications, including waterproofing membranes, engineered facer materials and reinforced laminates.


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