The weather is great, the heat stays, so it is a great opportunity to relax by the water. Swimming, sunbathing, water sports – whichever we choose, we will need a swimsuit. But have you ever wondered how to determine the quality of such a gear?

What should we pay attention to?

Everyone wants to look good in a swimsuit, regardless of whether they are swimwear for men or bikinis for women. It is obvious that, first of all, we will choose the outfit in which we will feel just fine on the beach. However, we should also pay attention to the quality of the material from which this outfit is made. Often the price of such an outfit is not low, and we want it to serve us several seasons – that is why we should bet on quality.

To make the swimsuit high quality, the material from which it was made must be resistant to fading and deformation of the fabric. In addition, the outfit should stretch well. It is important that the suit adheres directly to the body of the swimmer, thus providing him with comfort and convenience while swimming. All these requirements are fulfilled by Spandex, which also stands out due to the drying speed, because it does not absorb water like natural materials.

What is Spandex?

Swimwear is usually made of a material that is called Spandex – it is also known as elastan or Lycra. It is a flexible synthetic fiber belonging to the family of polyurethanes, first invented in 1958 by DuPont. The trade name “Lycra” is a registered trademark of Invista. To give additional properties to the fabric, spandex fibers are woven with nylon or wool fibers, depending on the purpose of the outfit.

The material is hypoallergic and does not electrify. Products that have spandex composition perfectly match the figure, are comfortable and very practical. Thanks to its flexibility, it has very good breathing properties. It provides freedom of movement and comfort. Clothes made of it are soft, smooth, resistant to grease, sweat, deodorants and washing powders. However, be careful not to overdo with temperature – fabrics containing spandex can be easily damaged by heat. When washing, take care of its proper temperature to keep Spandex in tact.


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