Kyboka outdoor cartProbably you have been there many times, when you go to the beach for kite surfing, picnicking, to a lake for scuba diving, sailing, fishing, or, into the wild to camp or having a photo shoot, reaching your favourite outdoor spot often involves transporting around tons of gear. Traditional (rental) wagons, trollies and monster bags make great haulers and they aren’t’t always easy to lug up a dirt trail.

Kyboka outdoor cart

The new Kyboka outdoor cart answers the call from outdoor enthusiasts and professionals to make their outdoor hauling process much easier and more fun.

This outdoor cart rides as light as a feather, even packed and on unpaved road. It’s made from lightweight yet durable weatherproof materials (aluminum, stainless steel fasteners & bearings, waterproof plywood, nylon fittings) and a well thought through ergonomic design. Wheels at all corners mean stabile manoeuvring, through streets and in the field. The cart is built to carry loads of gear. When bags are piling up or you need to take longer items, two straps keep it all together on top. The tub can be covered up to protect your gear against rain, sun, prying eyes and hungry birds. The cart can be set-up in seconds from a flat package into a solid carrier and vice versa. When folded it can be bagged to put it away at home or in the car.

Kyboka is a small Dutch indie brand, dedicated to design, manufacture and sell world’s ultimate foldable outdoor utility cart and their project is now live on Kickstarter.
Kyboka’s goal is to make the next step on their journey funded: mass production. For this, €200.000 is needed. The carts will be shipped to most EU, ME countries as well as to the USA/CAN/MEX, AUS & NZ.

3  outdoor cart set-ups

Backers can choose from 3 different cart set-ups:

  1. Standard, which is the entry model in a stylish green-grey and can be additionally configured with various add-ons.
  2. Complete, which is a full feature set having the essential add-ons in place such as a cover, dual straps and a storage bag.
  3. Black Edition, which is the top of the range. It also comes with a full feature set, but all coloured items are executed in pitch black and comes together with tough Continental® touring tires.

On top, the ‘Kickstarter Edition’ includes two new features, i.e. an extendable towing rod and a parking brake system. The ‘Classic’ models are still available online at

– Dimensions cart: 120 x 65 x 55 cm
– Dimensions folded: 106 x 63 x 19 cm
– Weight: 12,5 kg
– Load capacity: 135 liter / 50 kg
– Colors: Evergreen, Pitch Black
– Kickstarter rewards start from €349 (Lucky Bird)


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