We talked with Nina Ryszka about the future of the Fast Textile Fair and textile design trends for the upcoming year. Check what is the forecast for 2019 seasons in textile department.

Nina Ryszka Fast Textile
Nina Ryszka, scianka.pl

For five years you have been organizing the Fast Textile Fair, the most important event in textile industry, from where came the idea to create such an event?

For 25 years, the Ptak Company has been the leader in creating clothing sales platform for manufacturers and importers, wholesalers and retailers. The wholesale center in Rzgów is the most known clothing center in Europe as the łódzki region is the place where the textile industry was born. The Fair is an answer to the needs of clothing manufacturers who want to buy fabrics, machines, add-ons and accessories during one single event. Clothing textiles are the base of this fair, but what drives it forward is the search for industries where textiles are also used. The exhibitors’ interest, not only those from Poland but also from abroad, enabled us to create the ever-growing event recognized all around the world. The International Fast Textile Fair is the only such prestigious and professional event in Poland. What is more, Ptak Warsaw Expo is the largest trade fair and congress center in the Central Europe with such a unique location – perfect place in Poland for exhibitors both from Poland and from abroad.

Why do you think it is worth to take part in the International Fast Textile Fair ?

Participation in this fair is a way of promotion – it toughen the company image and the possibility of gaining professional knowledge about the offered products. It’s worth to remember who is the target group of our offer. Do we want to show all we can offer, or we focus only on the needs of a specific target group. Apart from that, every exhibitor should encourage their customers and contractors to participate in this fair as it allows to uphold the long-term business relations.

Each year more companies present their products, last year you hosted over 400 exhibitors from over 40 countries. How many exhibitors do you expect to host this year? And from where will they come from?

It is the only fair in Poland during which you can meet exhibitors both from Poland and from abroad. A large group of Exhibitors would have their stands in the National Pavilions, including i.a. Turkey, Italy, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, India and Iran. What is more, companies from France, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Portugal, Denmark, Uzbekistan, Greece, Netherlands, Belarus, Estonia, Spain, England and Latvia will present their products. During the 5th anniversary edition we will host over 500 exhibitors.

Do you think that the fair is a good place to establish new business relations since a great deal of contracts is concluded in virtual world?

For big and acknowledged companies, the fair is a way of grounding their position on the market. For small companies it’s an opportunity to promote and to present themselves among the best in front of the present customers. Nowadays, the virtual flow of data is necessary in businesses, and liked by the subjects. However, nothing can replace the meetings and establishing direct relationship between the manufacturers and the buyers.

Can we already say what will be trendy in 2019 season?

The most awaited part of the fair is the grand opening of the Trends Zone, which will take place on 22nd November at 10am. It’s an exclusive zone in which we create and promote fashion. While preparing this event, we encourage all Exhibitors to deliver their products: fabrics, knit-goods, machines, fashionable compositions or accessories to the Trends Zone. The exposition will be prepared by the designer basing on the trends from the biggest fashion houses. It will be presented on hangings – modern furniture with backlight.

In what direction will the fair go in the future?

The goal will be the same: to develop the fair in the international field, to support polish companies but also to think globally, to meet the needs and demands of exhibitors and visitors. This year edition of the fair is exquisitely important as the Ptak company celebrates 25th anniversary of operation, and it was Rzgów were the first two edition of the fair took place. We would like to already invite you to participate in the next edition of the International Fast Textile Fair which will take place from 22nd to 24th November 2018 in Ptak Warsaw Expo!



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