Swiss innovator in the field of textiles HeiQ makes a new service that will help brands introduce their innovations to the market. The HeiQ Fabric Lab was created to support innovators who lack resources or technology to bring their ideas to life.

Cooperation pays off

In today’s world, time is the new currency. Employees have valuable ideas for products, but they have limited time to transform them into reality. In most cases, they also do not have knowledge in all areas needed to create the best product.

Thanks to HeiQ Fabric Lab, professionals from HeiQ will get acquainted with the innovative idea of external companies and use their knowledge – about fibers, fabric solutions, chemical technology as well as resources in the form of contacts with specialists from around the world – to develop a functional fabric that implements innovative idea.



Innovative action

In addition to fabric development, HeiQ Fabric Lab also offers additional services such as:

  • The development of the fabric from the very beginning to the very end, until it becomes fully usable
  • Selection of appropriate fabrics and yarn as well as chemical technologies
  • Mediation in contact with over 300 resource partners and 50 technology partners
  • Trends research in the textile industry
  • Seminars and trainings

Noble goals

We are here to help brands every step of the way until the ideal product is developed – says Regina Goller, Fabric Director at HeiQ Materials AG. – Thanks to over 25 years of experience in working with the main brands of sportswear, from concepts to end products, we have a lot of knowledge about functional materials, from basic to outerwear.

In-depth knowledge of the market, as well as many years of experience of HeiQ managers allows companies to develop the best possible solution for the needs of fabric. HeiQ fabric lab helps in the development of fabrics and helps transform products ideas into reality.


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