In the spring and summer season the weather encourages us to spend time outdoors. We take out our garden furniture, go on cycling trips and picnics in the countryside; in a word, we commune with nature more eagerly. But despite all the advantages, life outside our four walls can bring about inconveniences that in the long run can result in a real disturbance. Happily, we live in the 21st century and there aren’t any problems that don’t have solutions. Here are some gadgets that you will love from the first use!

Water your plants! - HYDROBOX

Water your plants!

You’re just about to lie on your sun lounger and relax and then you remember that you didn’t water your plants? In high temperatures and sun exposure it should be done practically every day. This scene can look differently if you take advantage of the Hydrobox mat, a revolutionary device in plant watering.

Hydrobox is a box designed in the form of a cage that is coated by nonwoven fabric and filled with superabsorbent pellets. The pellets are highly absorptive and store water by expanding in size a few times. The plant that has the Hydrobox under it will automatically detect the water source and direct its roots towards it.

Not all water of the watering reaches the plant itself. Some part penetrates the deeper layers of soil, and a huge part evaporates. It is only a small portion of it that is uptaken by the root. The Hydrobox catches the water and holds in order to feed it to the roots.

Repel Mosquito - Smart Inovation

Get rid of the mosquitoes!

All camping lovers know that even the best fun in the open air can be spoilt by the mosquitoes. You can cover yourself with heaps of clothing from head to toe, spill hectolitres of mosquito repellents on your body and try hundreds of other ways only to give up in the end and let yourself be eaten alive (almost literally) by those buzzing monsters.

It was with such situations in mind that Repel Mosquito was created – a repellent that really guarantees protection against unpleasant insect bites. Repel Mosquito was initially produced as a fabric additive that was applied already at the stage of fabric manufacturing. Now, it is available in spray or in washing capsules.

Here is how it works: just add the capsule to the washing of the fabric that is to protect you against mosquitoes. These can be shades, jackets, blankets or even summer house curtains. Then, you can just enjoy your evenings without mosquitoes.

The product is used by soldiers during their missions to tropical regions and receives extremely positive reviews.

gobq grill - Have a barbecue!

Have a barbecue!

Going for a picnic in the country, a cycling trip or a camp? Surely you would like to take a portable grill, too. The traditional aluminium grills available in supermarket chains are handy only when put into the car boot or used in the backyard of your house. But if you’re planning to go hiking, cycling or on a trip by train, they turn out to be bulky and unwieldy. In such cases, we offer a different solution – the ultra-portable packable GoBQ grill.

GoBQ was built from a fireproof silicone-coated fiberglass fabric that can handle temperatures up to 648° C (a similar material is used in cookware applications like baking pans). The material makes the grill not only extremely lightweight (3,6 kg), but also easy to set up. After use, just fold the legs and the rollable cooking grate and then compact them into the included special cover that can be carried like a bag. The cleaning is made easier by the silicone coating.


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