incotelogy_logoINCOTELOGY GmbH inspires with new innovative High-Perpormance basalt fiber textiles and non-woven at Techtextil 2015 in Frankfurt. 

IMG_5918Frankfurt, 4th of May 2015: INCOTELOGY’s presence at Techtextil 2015 in Frankfurt focuses especially on high quality high-performance basalt fiber textiles, non-woven, basalt fiber rovings and basalt filament yarns. Especially the new developments such as fabrics with functional coating and conductive hybrid yarns but also high quality basalt non-woven without adhesive attract particular attention of Techtextil visitors.

Excellent mechanical properties, amazing force and sound absorption, high operating temperature rangeIMG_1615 high resistance to aggressive environment and corrosion, easier handling during weaving and further processing are the most important attributes of basalt fibers. These are of peculiar interest especially for automotive, aviation and construction industries.

The continuous annual increase in demand for high-performance basalt fibers have already found their niche in the market and implies growing market share of basalt fibers in the next years.

Company Introduction

IMG_6282INCOTELOGY GmbH is leading manufacturer of innovative basalt fiber products and semi-finished products. Besides, we are an official distributor of high-performance basalt fiber BASFIBER.

Quality claims and search for new innovative solutions for textile and composites industry is the aim of top priority for our company. Only on this way can we identify with products, which we offer to our customers. We are developing continuous our innovative products in cooperation with prestigious European universities and institutes to meet customer needs.

PropertiesIMG_1599 - Kopie

Basalt fibers with density of 2.67 g/cm3 show compared to E-Glas fibers with density of 2,5-2,8 g/cm3 higher tensile strength and E-Modules, better chemical and thermal resistance properties. In comparison to carbon fibers are basalt fibers four time more elastic and provide better forces absorption than carbon fibers.

Green Product

Basalt fiber and basalt fiber products offer not only excellent possibility to reduce of non-recycling materials but also to decrease of material costs and allow materials savings. Thereby we help our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.


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