The Concrete Canvas Shelter is a remarkable inflatable concrete building that lets military and civilian users erect a permanent building in one day, in matters of few hours.

The key to the system is a new construction material, concrete canvas, a flexible cement-filled fabric that hardens when water is added. The building starts out collapsed in a bag for easy shipping. The building is then inflated on-site, a process that two untrained people can complete in less than an hour. Water is added and the building hardens into concrete. In 24 hours it is ready to use. The Concrete Canvas Shelter was created by UK-based Concrete Canvas Ltd.

If you want to construct your very own man space at the end of the garden then forget about a shed because the Concrete Canvas Shelter ($30K) is your new building of choice.  Likewise, if you feel like retreating to the woods for several years then this could make a great ready-made home that can be moved around.

Amazingly, in theory the shelter can stay standing without maintenance for 10 years, while it can be outfitted with just about anything you want.  Perhaps a garage for your motorbikes, an arms bunker for your next attack on rebel forces, or even a comfy living space complete with cable and Xbox.  Basically whatever your particular thing is, you can do it in this shelter.  If insulated with thermal mass such as dirt, it is possible to turn the CSS into a durable bomb shelter, so this structure also has some serious applications.


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