Air-purifying curtain will be launched in stores next year. It is an unique system designed to reduce the problem of air pollution.

IKEA as en eco-company

Taking care of the environment is a very popular in media topic. We shouldn’t be surprised that big companies come up with more and more innovative ideas how to underline them on the world. Good example of a company, which marketing strategy is based on saving the planet is IKEA. This huge corporation have been supporting for years eco-saving LED light-bulbs.  Their advertisements encourage people to plant plants and use recycled materials in production. The air-purifying system sounds to be simple. As the IKEA engineers say, the technology works in a similar way to photosynthesis. Textile is coated with a mineral-based surface that break down when light shines through it, allowing users to puryfi the air in their own homes.

Ikea is a green store

How the pollution harms us?

Unfortunately, the research says it is a very dangerous problem nowadays. It is the most risky thing for people living in big cities and suburbs. Some scientists admit that air pollution may be the reason of wide range of diseases – cancers, heart problems or our respiratory system. We will find out in a few years how dangerous for our lives is the air pollution. Still having known what we know so far, it is very important to start taking care of our planet right now.

Ecological marketing tricks

Cleaning the environment is one of most trendy topics in actual world. Ecology sounds to be a great way to explain higher prices of products or services. Unfortunately, there are sometimes campaigns which are created as ecological, but aren’t. This is the way to trick trustful customers and make more money. As IKEA says, the company have made tests which prove air-purifying technology. We will have an occasion to check how it works very soon.


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