Heating season has just started. The dangerously high level of smog in the air too. Even though it seems a typical phenomenon for winter and autumn the air pollution index can also be a problem during summer, especially on hot days.

There are many ways to fight against air pollution. If you want to protect yourself you can buy special anti-pollution masks. Unfortunately, their effectiveness and comfort in use are not sufficient and appropriate for everyone (e.g. for small children). This might limit the protection against air pollution outdoors. Fortunately, the problem is more simple to resolve at home.

Anti-smog grid

Today we can buy so-called anti-smog and anti-pollution grids. They are made of nanofibers and can stop even the smallest particle. According to the manufacturer, the grid does not allow to pass any harmful particles like those coming from exhaust fumes and smog. It can also detain pollen what might be important for allergic people. The grid also protects against excessive heat and insects.

How does it work?

The way the grid works is very simple. The membrane is installed on an aluminum frame and later on the window. It looks similar to mosquito net but is less permeable what could be a disadvantage on cloudy days. The grid protects against the sun, so might be useful especially during the summer. It is not installed for good so you can always take it off the window. To install the grid there is no need to interfere in a window frame or wall construction and will last at least 3 years.

At first sight, the price might seem a little too high, but after considering its great properties it can be considered an investment that pays off in the future. In addition, the grid doesn’t have to be installed on every window. The most recommended are those which are more often opened.


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