What are the Benefits of a Car Cover?

Choosing a car cover may not be top on your list of priorities but if you care about how your car looks it should be. Car covers offer protection from dust, environmental damage and accidental scratches. Buying a car is expensive so why not take care of your investment?

Apart from offering protection from the elements a car cover can also act as a deterrent to thieves. After all, would you want to lose time removing a car cover and increase the chances of getting caught? For added security many covers also come with lockable fastenings.

Types of Car Cover

Covers for garage storage are lighter and tend to be simpler than those for outdoor use since the car is already protected from the elements. Available in a myriad of styles, environmental conditions such as heavy rain, condensation and extremes of sunlight should always be taken into consideration when choosing an outdoor car cover.


Bespoke Car Covers or off the Peg?

The next consideration is whether to choose an off the peg car, universal cover or a custom made one. Off the peg covers may be more economical but if they are ill-fitting or too tight they will either not protect your car or, if the cover is too tight, cause damage to your mirrors or bumpers. Equally if the cover is too lose the protection it will offer is minimal as wind can get underneath the cover and cause damage, particularly if it is carrying particles of grit.

For optimum protection the benefit of a custom made car cover such as Coverking or Covercraft will soon outweigh any initial costs. Designed specifically to your car make and model the cover is cut to suit your car’s dimensions and includes pockets to accommodate your car’s mirrors. Available in a variety of colours, some of the outdoor covers also have a soft, fleece lining.

Car covers are a worthwhile investment as they not only protect your car’s appearance but also minimise maintenance issues.

Indoor Bubble Car Cover
CarCapsule® – Indoor Bubble Car Cover


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