Cover tarpaulins are needed if we want to shield our machines, hay, construction equipment or the renovation area against external factors. However, the problem may be choosing the right tarpaulin. It should be considered for what purpose it will be used, where and how big will exposure to various factors be, such as humidity or the sun.

Made of strong, waterproof materials, tarpaulins can protect almost anything from the load on the trailer during transport to stacks of wood left for seasoning. Thanks to their functionality and universality, they are widely used for covering and shading:
– wood, furniture and building materials
– agricultural, gardening and orchard equipment
– cars, motorcycles, boats, trailers and machines
– sun, garden pools etc.

It is also an excellent solution for public services and organizations in the event of natural disasters – helps to protect equipment and houses that have suffered from water, frost, snow, etc. Thanks to their lightness they are quick and easy to assemble and operate, so they are well suited for minimalizing the effects of natural disasters.

Cover tarpaulins can be divided into:

  • seasonal

They are made of polyethylene, where the base fabric is HDPE. PE tarpaulins are a great replacement for expensive and heavy PVC tarpaulins. All tarpaulins are waterproof, have reinforced edges with a special tunnel and a string inside, which facilitates their assembling.

Low price,
light-weight (up to 200g/m2) – easy to assemble,
reinforced edges enabling installation with nails or taker,
width up to 10 m

durability up to 2 years,
prone to mechanical damage,
crumbles in the cold,
✖  susceptible to flying due to low weight

  • year-round

These are tarpaulin materials on a polyester mesh support, coated with a soft thermoplastic PVC, PE or a PVC/PU mixture. They are much heavier than PE tarpaulin, therefore they are better for covering machines and large objects requiring special protection.

durability up to 10 years,
resistant to mechanical damage,
a lot of colours to choose from,

higher price per square meter compared to seasonal tarpaulins
for widths over 320 cm it is necessary to weld the tarpaulin,
✖ difficult to assemble for large areas (weight of the tarpaulin)


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